The foundation of team building is a well organised team-building event

Outstanding teamwork plays a major role in the success of companies. Individual knowledge and professional skills are important too, but productivity skyrockets if employees can work together as a team. We are here to make that happen through various team building excercises that aim to forge any group of individuals into a successful team. We have all the facilities to host, and professional trainers to organise the event.


Thanks to constant improvement, in 2013 we have managed to become the Southern Hungary’s most advanced health centre where now you can book rooms too.

We have four rooms for 10 and three rooms for 2, all have separate bathrooms. We provide breakfast for all rooms booked and we welcome all our guests to have lunch in the garden area. We have all the facilities required for hosting a complete training camp for teams.



Our roofed patio is a perfect place for having a delightful lunch from a wide range of traditional Hungarian and international delicacies. The area is large enough to host events of any size from a family gathering to a corporate outing.

Indoor area for dining is also available if needed.