A platform for tournaments

Our club’s players participate in many tournaments throughout the season and we also organize some tournaments ourselves. In our experience, tournamentsoftware.com proved to be a satisfying tool when it comes to draws and results.

This tournament organizing programme is also used by the Badminton World Federation and several other national associations. It is available for everyone to register there, and it provides a great platform for both tournament organizers and player. The tournaments can be searched for by date, place and other factors. Players can also be found due to player profiles, which showcase their participation in tournaments with results. Statistics on wins and losses are available, plus the player’s ranking including his/her highest position.
The website is user friendly and it is easy to navigate. The specific tournaments’ pages are easily understandable and are broken down to different sub menus, such as ‘draws’, ‘matches’, ‘players’. All in all it is a great platform to use when it comes to organizing a tournament or when following the results of players or big championships.

Az Európai Bizottság támogatást nyújtott ennek a projektnek a költségeihez, azonban ezzel nem befolyásolja a szerzők nézeteit és a project tartalmát. Az Európai Bizottság semmilyen felelősséget vagy kötelezettséget nem vállal a project során megfogalmazott információk és adatok tekintetében, nem tehető felelőssé az abban foglaltak bárminemű felhasználásért.