Cooperation with other clubs

Together with another local club, we have organized a practice that brought together the players of the two clubs.

We believe we can develop our players’ and our coaches’ knowledge by working together with people outside of our club. Therefore, we have been working on maintaining good relationship with other clubs in the country. As a benefit of a great relationship, we organized joined practices together with another badminton club in the city. At one of the practices, it was our players who were guests at the other club’s hall and were under the coaching of the other club. Another time, a few months later, it was us who hosted the practice session for the players coming from the neighbouring club. When we were the guest players, it was important for our players to recognize that we want to be as fair, polite, and hard-working guests as possible, to make a good impression on the other club. Similarly, when it was our turn to host players, we brought to the attention of the players, that this is a great opportunity to show others how great community we have. Furthermore, both our players and coaches had the possibility to set a good example to the other club by giving hundred percent on the badminton court and show great dedication and discipline at practice. The shared practices also gave the chance to players to interact with each other with others outside from their own club, which could eventually lead to doubles partnerships, or sparring partners. Plus, our coaches could also share knowledge and ideas, developing their skills. They could ask for the opinion of each other and have an outsider’s fresh eyes on their players, that has lead to new tips and tricks on how to further improve them. Now that we have realised how beneficial a good relationship with other clubs can be, our goal is to organise more joined practices, so that players and coaches of both parties can further develop themselves.

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