Fun off the badminton court

The club’s players spent an enjoyable evening together playing board games and card games after a good practice. Another weekend, players tried out their skills in tennis.

Most players in the club attend practices 2-5 times a week, so they have a fair amount of hours that they spend on the badminton court weekly. Our club wants to provide them the best possible trainings, and high level of coaching. However, in the long run, it is also important for the club to create opportunities for the players where they can relax and unwind so that they can recharge for the upcoming week. That’s why we have organized an evening dedicated to board games. It was a great opportunity for the players to spend some time together off the court and socialize. All kids love playing games, and they truly enjoyed the evening and had a cozy time playing their favorite board games. The game night also gave the players the idea to take some board games to tournaments, so they can kill time in a fun way in the sometimes long and boring hours between matches.
Another initiative was involving the players in different sport activities. With the help of a parent, who had access to tennis courts, and we invited all players in the club to play tennis. Again, the idea was to have the players spend time together off the badminton court. By playing some other sport or games, they get to know each other in a different way and still use their skills at the same time. In board games, they can improve their strategic skill and logic, while in tennis they can use similar skills as in badminton and also get to learn about a different sport. During the day the tennis event took place, we wanted the players to just have fun and not take it so competitively, as it was a badminton match. For those who really wanted to gain some basic skills in tennis, a coach in the tennis club spent some time giving them useful tips. Some of the kids enjoyed it that much that they now make a regular appearance on the tennis court in the weekends.
From now on, every season we will recreate these two events, or come up with something similar, since they proved to be great success among the players. Socially, it brought them closer together, plus they got to learn some new skills.

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