Fun practices at special occasions

When Christmas is around the corner or it is the last practice of the season, the coaches in the club hold unique practices where the aim is to make them as fun as possible for the players.

When we come to a time of the season when there aren’t any important tournaments in the near future, and we want to give something to the players for their performance and hard work, we organize playful, fun sessions. This can happen around the Christmas time, or before summer holiday, or any other special occasion. At these practices, the coaches come up with unique exercises, put on music, bring small prizes for the kids. The players especially enjoy games that require them to be in teams, and the teams can have small competitions against each other. Funny doubles games are also popular amongst the kids. One way to carry out a practice, is to dedicate one court to one particular exercise, and depending on the number of players, they can rotate from one court to another. Therefore, they can try out all of the exercises on the different courts. It can also be fun to play fun games off the court, which are not related to badminton. They can play games where the kids have to use their speed, balance, coordination skills, and they can enjoy a small competition amongst each other. During a ‘Christmas practice’, we had great success among the players, when the coaches showed up in Santa Claus outfits. After we were done with all the games, we shared some Christmas cake together and listened to Christmas music. When the practice is over, but the players and coaches still stay together in the hall, we always encourage parents as well to come by and join. Players also enjoy staying staying in the hall and just keep playing badminton long after the practice is over, which is always nice to see because it shows how much they love the game. We make sure that we organize these unique, fun practices at least three times a year. They contribute to a great social atmosphere in the club, plus they serve as a good variation in between the regular, harder practices in the year.

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