Good team spirit for good results

The club’s players have showcased some great team spirit at the matches they have played throughout the season in the team championships.

Every season our club participates in the national team championships. We regard this team event as one of the most important tournaments of the year, because here we can show how we can perform as a team. Compared to individual tournaments, these team matches require a team effort from the club’s players. Since badminton is an individual sport, which means that players spend a lot of time alone at tournaments, team matches are great opportunities for our players to be part of a team. For the team matches, our goal was to make the best out of the fact that players have a team behind their back. We believe we have achieved this as a team by creating an atmosphere, that gives a lot of extra motivation and boost to the players to perform well. Before the matches, everyone warms up together and we also add some warming up exercises that have become our trademarks. Players know that those exercises are for the team matches only, therefore they can get into the mindset of playing a team event. A war cry right before the start of the game is also equally important element of a proper warm up. The players came up with a few lines themselves, and before every game we summon together in a circle and shout out loud our war cry. As part of the team spirit, cheering for our teammates is a very important element of the team matches. Those players who are not playing, cheer loudly, often with some small drums and horns. The cheering can give a lot of extra energy and motivation to the ones on court, which can eventually lead to winning matches. No matter if we win or lose the game, in the end of the day, the coach always summons the players and evaluates their performance. An additional fun thing we do, is that the players vote for the best player of the game, who receives the team’s mascot until the next team match. All these small procedures at the team match contribute to a great team spirit, which creates a good atmosphere between the players, resulting in a better club life.

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