Open day at schools

Last week, we presented our club and our badminton opportunities at an elementary school to introduce the sport to children and to recruit new members.

A few of our own players joined the event and played an exhibition match in the gym hall of the school to showcase the diverse elements of the game. Children could gain a peek into the different skills that badminton requires, such as speed, agility, technique, and they could also see how fun the game is. The students at school also had the opportunity to try out the sport. We provided rackets and shuttles, and our helpful players gave some tips to the children on how to play. Furthermore, we distributed flyers, and asked for the older students’ email addresses, so that we can make contact with them. We also encouraged teachers to integrate badminton in the school’s PE classes, since it is fairly easy for beginners, and doesn’t require expensive equipment. We also took a fair amount of time to answer questions from the children, and to help them individually when they were trying out badminton for the first time. With this event, our goal was to bring it to the attention of the players that badminton is a fun sport to play and our club is a great place to improve as a player, but also that badminton is a great way to have fun with friends. The whole event took a couple of hours, and with cooperation of teachers, can be organized in several different schools. We believe that one of the most efficient ways to attract new members is to go to the children and show ourselves personally, instead of waiting for children to come to us.

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