Parents on the badminton court

Parents competed together with their children against their club mates in a doubles tournament, which was a fun arrangement that took place last weekend.

We have been working on getting the players’ parents involved in the club life, and therefore our club organized a tournament where the kids together with their parents made up a doubles partnership. Kids could sign up with their mom or dad as their doubles partner. We organized a small, friendly tournament, as an initiative to get the parents involved in their children’s badminton club. Parents in the club’s life have an important role. Without their support, there would be no young players in the club. We wanted the parents to see how well their children are doing on the badminton court and how much they have been improving, since the parents not always have the chance to see their kids play. By arranging this tournament, the parents could get an insight into the club life, socialize with each other, and bond with their children in a unique way, through playing badminton side by side. We distributed some small prizes, but the most important was that we feel like both the kids and the parents gained value from the arrangement. We are aiming to get the parents even more involved in the club, as volunteers. Volunteering is an essential part of every sports club’s run, and we are always on the lookout for people to help out in the club. We are hoping that with events like the parent-children tournament, we can recruit more parents to help out in the club.

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