Sparring weeks to prepare for the national championships

During special sparring weeks, players got the chance to play against higher level opponents as part of their preparation for the national championships.

For the upcoming national youth championships, which is the most important tournament of the year, we have organized a sparring programme. Normally, the u11-u13 players don’t train with the u15-u17 players, but to provide them a better preparation for this tournament, we organized special practices where the goal is to give the best match practice for those players who will be playing at the national championships. It was a great initiative, as the young players had the opportunity to play against much stronger opponents, and they were pushed to their limits, which is crucial for a successful preparation. We wanted to create an atmosphere in the hall that is as competitive like as possible and made sure the players’ mindset reflects a competitive environment. We think it was a successful arrangement and we also received good feedback from the players who were happy to play against higher level opponents. Similarly to the u11-u13 players, the club’s u15-u19 players also got some sparring partners who they usually don’t train with. They got challenged by some of the club’s best senior players, who were willing to give a helping hand in the junior players’ preparation for the national championships. It was important to start organizing the sparring partners as soon as possible, so that they could arrange to attend the practices, since they are outside of their usual training timeframe. We hope to repeat the sparring period next year as well.

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