Everything to know about volunteering

We regard promoting voluntary activities a crucial part of the life of sports club, as volunteers can contribute to the successful run of the club, and they gain the respect and gratitude of the members in return. Participating in voluntary activities in a sport organization brings attention to the importance of volunteering in the general public as well, since it increases the awareness of volunteering in other non-profit organizations, too.

Anita Prágai receiving an award for her voluntary work, 2018

Who are our volunteers?
Unfortunately, there is very little tradition for volunteering, therefore we as a club need to pay specific attention to recruiting volunteers.
We encourage parents, family members, friends of players to sign up as volunteers, since there is a need for helping hands when carrying out tasks in the club that appear on a regular basis, and also volunteers prove to be a great deal of help when it comes to organizing events. Besides reaching out to people around the club, we also rely on existing volunteers to try to generate a positive word-of-mouth about volunteering, so that volunteering gains positive attributions, becomes something that is motivating to do, and can therefore attract more people to sign up. We hope that if existing volunteers share their positive experiences, and encourage others to join them, so we can increase the number of volunteers in the club.

What do we expect from our volunteers?
Volunteers can sign up based on what specific tasks they want to carry out or based on which specific events they can dedicate themselves to.

As sports clubs, there is a number of events we organize every year which can vary in size and relevance.

There are several different areas of a given event where we need volunteers to help out. One of the common events that we arrange are tournaments. We involve volunteers in the different stages of the organization and run of the event.

We designate volunteers based on the different areas of tasks of an event (specifically a tournament), such as:
preparation for tournaments: helping with registration of players, tournament draw, schedule, setting up at the event, purchasing necessary products
Run of the tournament: help at the tournament desk, line judging, counting scores, help at the buffet, selling sandwiches and beverages, handing out prizes
Post tournament: packing up equipment, administration of results

We make several shifts for one day, so the volunteers can sign up based on which shifts fit their schedule or their area of task interest. In case we are lacking people for a given shift, we reach out to the volunteers to help out specifically with those shifts.

In case of larger events, we also need volunteers who are help in the areas of transportation, catering, ticket collecting..etc.

To illustrate the procedure of volunteering and volunteer tasks, here is an example of an event we recently carried out with the help of volunteers.

Annual Christmas Tournament and Party
This event takes place every year before the Christmas school holiday begins. We organize a friendly tournament for the club’s junior players for u11-u17 age groups. We start by doing warming up together which usually consist of fun, unusual exercises lead by one of the coaches. Then the tournament gets underway, and it ends with a prize giving ceremony. After that, there is possibility for the players, their friends and parents to keep playing, or enjoy some Christmas cake and cookies. Since the event involves a large number of players and parents, we need help from volunteers with the organization. We divided the tasks the following way:

-purchasing Christmas decoration and setting up the tables for Christmas cake and tea: Anikó, Kata (Parents of Lilla and Máté)
-food and drinks: Zsolti (veteran player in the club)
-invitation, player registration, tournament schedule and draw: Peti, Emma (parents of Tomi)

2. Run of the event:
-tournament desk: Peti and Emma (parents of Tomi); Zsófi and Zoltán (parents of Évi and Bence)
-serving food and drinks: Zsolti (veteran player in the club)

3. Post event:
-packing up equipment in the hall: András (player in the club)
-packing up food and drinks: Zsolti (veteran player in the club)
-sending out results, photos…etc: Peti and Emma (parents of Tomi)

Why to volunteer?
How an organisation like our sport club functions, relies greatly on the people who are involved in it: players, coaches, parents…etc. The club becomes a better environment not only if the club provides these people something, but also if these people give something back to the club. This can be in the form of volunteering, for example. Volunteers play an important role in the everyday run of the club, plus they make it possible to organize larger events throughout the season. Without them, the club would have less and smaller activities, which might lead to fewer members, so the each and every volunteer’s work adds a lot of value to the club.

We want to show our gratefulness and appreciation to the hard work all volunteers put into the different events and other tasks. We are aware they use their free time to help our club, and since we can’t provide any financial appreciation, we want to express our thankfulness in other ways. That is why at the season ending event each year, we announce those volunteers who contributed to the club with extraordinary effort, and they receive prizes. Furthermore, we always highlight the name of each and every volunteer in emails regarding the specific events and thank them for their hard work. We hope that our volunteers are proud of what they do, and feel pride in what they have given, since their work is highly relevant to our club, and the club’s success is their own success as well.

How to get started as a volunteer?
If you want to sign up as a volunteer, please send our club an email and we will send you specific information.
We are aware that some of the volunteer tasks might be unfamiliar with you, that you might have never worked on those areas. That is why we make sure that new volunteers get an introduction to their tasks by a more experienced volunteer, who shares his or her knowledge. This way, the new volunteers have the opportunity and time to adjust to the new tasks and become comfortable with them. Furthermore, we make sure that those who just started volunteering get smaller, more simple tasks, and once they gain more experience, we encourage them to take part in more complicated work areas.

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