Team-building, company sports day


A total of 600 m2 covered and 1600 m2 open area. Outdoor pool and garden room for more than a hundred people. Projector, sound system, DJ, our technicians provide solutions for all needs.

Team building sessions
For forging workplace teams, carrying out sporting and playful tasks within an organized framework.

For kids
Trampoline, swimming, foosball, craft games, sports, skill games, treasure hunting, face painting and much more organized by professional animators.

Food, drink
Well-equipped kitchen and buffet, buffet or self-service.

Perfect location
A proven way to increase successful company performance and efficiency is corporate team building or a sports day. Our leisure center is the perfect location for organizing team building trainings, company sports days and other corporate events.

Our organizing team
Our experienced team of directors offers full-scale organization and customized programs. Trainers, instructors, animators, servers and, last but not least, a professional chef will work to your satisfaction.  

Music and dance
We organize not only sporting events, but also party gatherings. Make a company event memorable, let the party start after the meal. We will create a dance floor where you can dance and have fun until dawn.

We organize performers (dancers, musicians, magicians, stand-up comedians, etc.), professional DJs with sound and visual effects.

If required, we will relocate to the company’s own location with a professional catering service.

The key to organizing a modern and efficient meeting is a pleasant environment, be it a new location, a nice garden room or a well-equipped indoor conference room. Our goal is to help you and your guests successfully run the event, unnoticed but smoothly. Our 300-person garden room and internal event hall are suitable for small conferences, discussions or private meetings. Our buffet offers a wide selection, so we can meet all customer needs, be it a simple refreshment or even a conference lunch. Our colleagues adapt flexibly to any special needs in order to provide guests with the best possible experience.

Corporate party


Birthday, wedding


We promise to organize a memorable birthday party. We organize a cozy garden party for your friends and family with the exclusive use of the garden. We provide catering and service at a high level and comprehensively, but on request, you can even make your own potluck.

Yes, you can even entrust us with organizing a complete wedding! Even without sports, we provide a perfect venue for the festive occasion. We offer a special service in our garden room or event hall, so that the holiday is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Our service includes hospitality, service, and we have the option of any special requests, thus ensuring that everyone leaves satisfied.

Kerti rendezvényeink tökéletesek születésnapi bulikhoz is! Nyáron kizárólagos kert és medence használat, amennyiben vendégeink igénylik, színvonalas programról is gondoskodunk.

Rendezvényterem és sportpályák
A születésnapi buli része is lehet a sport, vegye igénybe pályáinkat! Belső helyszíneink között szerepelnek tornaterem, squashpályák, rendezvényterem és tollaslabda-pályák.

Possibility to sleep
After an event held at our place, the guests do not need to go home, they can also sleep at our place. Our leisure complex also offers accommodation.

Our accommodation capacity is 46 people
We also provide breakfast and other meals on request.

In the building, we are waiting for you with four ten-bed rooms and three double rooms, each of which has its own bathroom. The ten-bed rooms have bunk beds, a favorite among young people. We also offer double accommodation for accompanying adults.


10 ágyas szoba

Training camp


For Associations
We provide accommodation, three meals a day, and additional programs. There are many sports facilities and free use of the swimming pool.

We are waiting for applications from sports teams who want to participate in an intensive training camp. We provide full board, including three meals a day and accommodation. Two-bed rooms are available for coaches, while athletes sleep in ten-bed rooms.

There are many opportunities for sports, as there are many sports fields and outdoor fitness parks available at our location. In addition, there is a jogging track in our area, so that the participants in the training camp can maintain their condition. You can also use the pool free of charge.

Here, you can not only train, but also relax, as our comfortable and modern rooms, as well as the dining options, are outstanding. Sign up so that we can work together to achieve the best possible results with the help of the training camp!

Sure success and no upheaval at home.
We take care of the food and drinks at birthday parties as agreed in advance. The import of cakes and pastries is permitted.

Basic package:
The price includes the hall pass, the coordinator for the duration of the party, the tools, the basic decoration and the setting of the festive table.

With us, you don’t have to worry about the mess! We provide meaningful and memorable entertainment for your children at several locations, whether it’s eating, drinking, sports, playing or anything else. Our qualified colleagues warmly welcome your children together with their friends.

Gym, squash courts (4 pcs), event hall, feather hall, garden area, swimming pool, playground, trampoline.

Children's party


Request an offer

Request a quote!

Every event is different, so we cannot offer unit prices. Depending on the number of participants, the programs, the necessary staff, meals, drinks and individual needs, we will prepare a price offer for you.

These are the typical variations for drinking at our events:

  • A participant can order anything at the counter, the ordering company pays afterwards.
  • Certain products (e.g. alcoholic beverages) must be paid for by the participant.
  • A limit amount is defined, after reaching it, participants pay.