House Rules

The purpose of this House Rules is to determine the behavior of people (using any of the facilities) in the Squash Club and basic rules that are crucial for fulfilling highbrow service.

It also specifies rules, not laid down in other formulas, for the proper use, conservation and safe operation of the Squash Club.

General rules:

The premises of Squash Club are to be used properly. The user of Squash Club may not breach any operative measures, regulations, or rules outlaid in this house rules.

It is forbidden to smoke.

It is forbidden to do anything other than any of the facilities of Squash Club or that is against the law and not ethical.

It is forbidden to do anything that causes noise injury, smell, and environmental harm or disturbs others.

It is forbidden to consume or sell drugs, forbidden dopes, narcotics.

It is forbidden to bring in dangerous materials and/or objects (explosives, pyrotechnics, weapons).

It is forbidden to enter with animals.

It is forbidden to trade, to display advertising sheets, posters (leaflets, stop signs, bills, throwaways), to record audio or video, to play numbers pool, to play music without the permission of manager,

Trainers and coaches in the Squash Club are allowed to perform any professional sport activity only if they have a diploma acknowledged by the state and registered by the manager, and they are employed by the manager.

Sport facilities and services within the Squash Club are to be used exclusively during opening hours except when it does not hurt the law and manager allowed before.

Exclusively the manager is entitled to allow to locate the products listed below on the territory of the Squash Club:Guests using the facilities of Squash Club are obliged to leave the premises of the club by the closing hours.

gambling machines, toys, machines for serving the guests, floodlight, electric devices for public use, etc. decorative elements (decorations, plants), throwaways for advertisements, commerce, propaganda.

Guests to be seen on the video or photo made for introducing or propagating the facilities and services of the Squash Club are not entitled to enter any legal action towards the owner of the Club.

The manager keeps a record of the guests resorting to the facilities of the Squash Club. The manager is entitled to refuse services and facilities towards guests denying giving necessary data partly or as a whole. The manager is allowed to use guests’ data exclusively to his record, and may not submit it to a third person.

Those breaching these rules and the norms of behaviour generally accepted will be notified. If notice is not effective, the manager is entitled to desige the guest to leave and to exclude him/her – provisionally or permanently – from visiting the Squash Club. In case measures to be taken exceeds the entitlement of the manager, he is entitled to call the police or other authorities. In such cases everyone has to co-operate as authorities order. Guest desiged to leave may have no claim towards the manager.

Everyone in the Squash Club has to keep up with order and cleanliness, respect each other, behave as one ought.

The manager of the Squash Club takes no responsibility for any damages either in people or in property if it was caused from not obeying the House Rules or behaving irresponsibility. The manager takes no responsibility for lost or stolen property and devices.

Any objects found has to be handed over to the receptionist and documented.

All facilities are allowed to be used at one’s own responsibility and risk.

Children under 14 within the Squash Club have to stay under an adult’s supervision or take part on a training.

Trainers help in using the utensils properly, they give personal training plan if necessary.

This House Rules can be modified or amended by the manager.

The manager of the Squash Club reserves the right to organize private events with excluding public from part of or the complete territory of the club.

The present House Rules is accessible for anyone at the reception of the Squash Club. By using any facilities of the Squash Club guests prove to accept these rules.

Special rules:

Guests are allowed to enter the area of any sport in proper equipment.

Drinks are allowed to be taken into the sport area exclusively in closed plastic bottles. It is forbidden to enter with any other drink or device.

Please do not use your mobile phone while doing a sport.

It is compulsory to wear shoes within the Squash Club! If a guest does not have shoes for sport with, the day ticket can be used for another occasion.

Rules in the gym:

Children under 14 are allowed to do sport or stay in the gym under the supervision of a parent of trainer.

It is compulsory to wear T-shirts, shorts or suitable clothes.

It is forbidden to do sport barefoot.

It is compulsory to change shoes and use towels.

It is necessary to consult the trainer before requiring a training plan.

It is compulsory to use all exercise machines as function allows.

It is compulsory to fertilize each exercise machine after use.

Please put every weight and disk back on its place after use.

Use the exercise machines at your own risk.

Only the trainer is allowed to use the computer in the gym.

Please take good care of your and your surroundings hygiene.

Reception (downstairs)

Entering the Squash Club is allowed only with a valid day ticket or season ticket.

On entering the first time it is compulsory to fill in the Form of Registration at the reception desk, by which the guest accepts, understands, and obeys the House Rules that staff may control.

The first entry includes photo registration.

Guests getting equipment on entering (locker key, towel, sport equipments etc.) is obliged to hand it down without damage or loss. The guest is responsible for the equipments received towards the manager. The receptionist controls guest’s consumption and takes payment.

The guest has to pay for sport facilities in advance on entrance.

Remaining occasions or money on expired season tickets cannot be moved to the next season ticket.

The management of the Squash Club wishes you healthy and sporty time in the Squash Club!