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If a pre-booked court is canceled within 24 hours, the full fee must be reimbursed!




Weekdays: 07:00-15:00, 20:00-22:00
Weekends: all day


Weekdays: 15.00-20.00

One hour:

3.800 Ft / court

4.900 Ft / court

Session pass:

17.500 Ft / 10 hours / half court

23.000 Ft / 10 hours / half court

Student pass:

8.200 Ft / 5 hours / half court


Excellent squash opportunities await you in our sports center! Our four air-conditioned, international-level squash courts are covered with professional sports parquet, so that the wallball experience is at the highest possible level.

In Hungary, more than 50,000 people choose this sport as their primary activity in their free time, and you will soon find out why: squash is very exciting, intense and enjoyable! We also provide instructors and game partners for beginners, if necessary, so you can improve your knowledge and skills at any time. 

Come to us and live the experience of squash with our latest equipment and our qualified team!


Zone 1
(weekdays between 07:00-15:00 and 20:00-22:00
and weekends)

Zone 2
(weekdays between 15-20)

One time:
4.900 Ft / field
5.400 Ft / field
Season ticket:
23.000 Ft / 10 times / half field
26.000 Ft / 10 times / half field

You must have heard of badminton, which is one of the most popular sports worldwide. But did you know that you can have a great time not only on the beaches, but also on the indoor courts? Badminton, played individually or in pairs, is a very intense and exciting sport that develops both physical and tactical skills.

You can also try it with your friends and enjoy one of the best sports experiences together. Playing badminton is much cheaper than many other sports, and court hire and equipment are available at affordable prices.

You can play on the indoor courts at any time, regardless of the weather, so you will definitely find the best time for you. Try it yourself and discover the world of badminton!





Daily ticket:

2.300 Ft

Monthly pass:
(valid for one month from redemption, at any time)

19.800 Ft
Monthly student/pensioner pass:
(valid for one month from redemption, at any time)
14.800 Ft
10-session pass:
(valid for two months from redemption, at any time)
18.600 Ft
Monthly morning pass:
(valid for one month from redemption, from 07:00 to 14:00)
16.300 Ft
Monthly morning student/pensioner pass:
(valid for one month from redemption, from 07:00 to 14:00)
11.900 Ft
Annual fitness pass:
(valid for one year from redemption, at any time)
210.000 Ft
Group fitness pass:
(valid for two months from redemption, 10 times)
17.500 Ft

One of the popular islands of our sports center is the fitness room, or Fitt – Tanoda.

The recently completely renovated fitness park is mechanized by the most modern Italian Panatta brand in accordance with the needs of the times. On four hundred square meters, more than fifty fitness machines and tools serve the needs of visitors. In addition to fitness machines, there is also a maximum range of possibilities for those who like functional training. In addition, our guests can choose from several types of cardio depending on their mood, fitness level, physical condition or company. Several types of cardio machines are available, all of which also have a heart rate monitor function to promote controlled work.

There are many well-trained trainers in the fitness room. Our trainers are ready to help with machine settings, creating an individual training program and personal training.

Zone 1
(weekdays between 07:00-15:00 and 21:00-22:00 and throughout the weekend)
Zone 2
(weekdays between 15-21)
One hour:
12.000 Ft
15.000 Ft
Five hour:
55.000 Ft
70.000 Ft

Many people must have played beach soccer in the sand. However, indoor soccer is a much more intense sport, which takes place in an air-conditioned room with a sports parquet.

Indoor soccer not only improves our cardiological endurance, but also our endurance and coordination.

When playing with 3-3 teams on an indoor court, the ball is constantly in play, as the wall surrounding the court is also a valid playing surface.

There is no break, the game is fast, there are many goals, and we are guaranteed to have fun. Trying indoor soccer is the best way to improve your soccer skills and relax with a little game.

Indoor soccer



One hour
Garden glass padel court:
7.600 Ft 
Padel courts in “Mocorgo” (for single court 50% off)
3.800 Ft

1 hour
In “Mocorgo”:
3.900 Ft / field

Beach volleyball