Summer training camps

It has become a tradition in our club to hold a training camp every summer for both our junior and senior players. This year, we took a trip to a popular holiday destination and combined hard badminton practices with fun, social time.

Our club has organized several weeks of training camp during the summer, but the most popular has been a weekend training camp, which both our junior and senior players attend. By hiring a bus, all of our players, coaches and parents can travel together, which creates a great atmosphere already in the very beginning of the camp. We leave on Friday morning and start with a badminton practice as soon as we have taken over our accommodation. Depending on the number of players, the coaches make different training groups and make a practice schedule for the weekend. We also focus on providing activities other than the badminton practices. On Saturday afternoon, we come up with different games that the players attend in teams. Every team has a captain and a creative name, and once all different games have been completed, the scores are added up and the winner is announced. All the games are non badminton related, but require some general sport skills, logic or team effort. Every year, it is a big success between the players. Both the younger ones and older ones equally enjoy them. We find this particularly important, because one of our most important goals for the training camp is to help create a bond between the junior and the senior players. Normally, the juniors and seniors attend different practices during the week, therefore they don’t have the opportunity to spend a lot of time together. However, to have a great relationship between the two age groups would highly benefit the club environment. The junior players can have someone from the senior players who they look up to and take inspiration from. During the training camp, the younger ones have opportunity to hang out and spend some social time with the older ones, and get to know each other more. In the end, this all leads to a better club environment. We are planning to continue the training camp, and try to come up with new ideas on how to support the relationship between our junior and senior players.

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