Weekend training camp

Our club hosted a short training camp over the weekend, which turned out to be a great hit for the club’s junior players.

We organized the training camp for the club’s u11-u15 players, where the main focus was to provide quality badminton training and create a fun social atmosphere for the kids at the same time. We decided to make the event from Saturday to Sunday, and encouraged kids to spend the night in the club. The young players were keen to have a ‘sleepover’ in the hall, as they thoroughly enjoyed spending the night away from home, and with their clubmates and friends instead. Our idea was to bring them closer together, so they are able to bond in a different environment than the weekday practices. We started the training camp with one practice on Saturday morning, where the focus was on footwork. The session was followed by lunch, which the club’s kitchen prepared. Eating together always brings an extra togetherness, and that’s what we and the kids also experienced. We thought it is important to spend some time away from the hall, therefore we took the kids to the city centre for some ice cream. In the afternoon training session, we focused more on technique and match practice. Following that, it was time for dinner. Before the kids went to bed, we streamed a badminton match, which we followed up with a quizz. The questions were related to the match the players just saw, and we made a small competition out of the quizz, where the kids competed in teams. The next day, we had one more practice in the morning, with a lot of different fun games to finish off the camp. The training camp was a great experience for both the players and the coaches. By spending some time together outside of the regular trainings, the kids got to know each other more and gained some valuable social time together and improved their badminton skills to the boot.

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